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Wensli Case Is Cited by Oxford and Harvard Global



Leadership and Change: A Global Course on Chinese Family Business (Module III) recently, created together by the best teachers in the world from Guanghua School of Management of Peking University, Said Business School of Oxford University and Harvard Business School  is presented at Harvard Business School in the United States.



其中,由牛津大学赛德商学院中国经济教授谭益力(Eric Thun)撰写的《万事利:中国的爱马仕》被作为经典案例供来自全球的企业高管分享、学习、研究。

Wensli: Herm è s in China written by Eric Thun, Professor of Chinese Economics, Said School of Business, Oxford University is used as a classic case for executives from around the world to share, learn, and research.

牛津大学赛德商学院中国经济教授谭益力(Eric Thun)率学员访问万事利.png

牛津大学赛德商学院中国经济教授谭益力(Eric Thun)率学员访问万事利

Eric Thun, Professor of Chinese Economics, Said School of Business, Oxford University leads students to visit Wensli



In recent years, "enterprise transformation " has become the focus of global economic circles, especially the strategic transformation experience of traditional enterprises, which has great reference significance for the study of new economic development model.




Students love Chinese silk and silk culture beyond our imagination


In the more than ten years since 2005, Wensli Group has made a great reputation for creating a new business model for Chinese traditional silk industry through the successful transformation of the power of cultural creativity and science and technology. Since 2015, Wensli has launched the globalization of its brand and created the third silk road through overseas acquisitions, international talents recruitment and terminal experience laying.



一路走来,万事利集团战略转型背后的思考引发了业界持续关注。美国哈佛商学院、牛津大学赛德商学院、中走商学院[m1] 、北京大学光华管理学院、浙江大学管理学院等国内外顶级商学院都曾经亲访万事利,试图挖掘这其中究竟隐藏何种活力因子在持续激发能量。

Along the way, Wensli "thinking behind strategic transformation" has attracted constant attention in the industry. The top business schools at home and abroad, such as Harvard Business School, Said Business School of Oxford University, Zhongzou Business School, Guanghua School of Management of Peking University, and School of Management of Zhejiang University, have all visited Wensli, trying to find out what kind of active factor is continuously stimulating energy.